Treatment Of Bed Bugs – In Six Simple Steps

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Looking for the best treatment for bed bugs?  You’ve come to the right place. Here at Treatment Of Bed Bugs we will provide you with all the information and advice you need to get rid of an infestation of these horrid pests in your home.

What are bed bugs?

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Adult Bed Bug

Bed bugs are around 1/4 inch long when fully grown, reddish brown in colour and their bodies are flat and oval shaped. The young are basically smaller replicas of their parents and bed bug eggs are frequently likened to grains of rice due to their size, shape and color.

Over time bed bugs have moved away from infesting bats in caves and birds nests and started invading our homes. Bed bugs live on blood – and will feed from any mammal (including your pets!) these days the most likely hosts are human. They are nocturnal so in the day time they can be found hiding out in all sorts of places however, your bed and items close to it are usually a favourite because it keeps them closer to their victim.

How do you know you have bed bugs?

Usually the first sign of a bed bug infestation you will be aware of are the bites which may appear on your body. These will appear as itchy, red bumps or welts. If you discover such a rash it is very important that you get a proper diagnosis before you begin any  kind of bed bugs treatment – remember other insects and some skin conditions can also cause a similar rash.

If You’Ve Got Bed Bugs We’ve Got The Treatment!

The only way to know for sure if you have bed bugs is to go hunting for them! This is probably not the most pleasant of tasks but it has to be done. There are various ways you can do this however the simplest is to arm yourself with a good flash light and perhaps a magnifying glass and start searching. The bed is probably the best place to start but leave Flash light 150x150 Treatment Of Bed Bugs   In Six Simple Stepsnothing and nowhere unchecked even the most obscure places.

You are looking for blood smears, faecal marks, cast skins, eggs and live bugs.

Learn how to find bed bugs

Bed Bug Remedies

There is a vast array of bed bug treatment products available, some of which contain toxic chemicals which if not used properly can prove to be really dangerous to the health of those living in the property.

You could also hire a professional pest control company this however can be very costly.

Lastly you could use a method which does not involve anything other than plenty of time and a lot of hard work and which actually does work!

Treatment of bed bugs in six simple steps:

1. De-clutter the room thoroughly. Put anything you no longer need or want in sealed plastic bags and dispose of them.

messy bed1 150x150 Treatment Of Bed Bugs   In Six Simple Steps2. Completely strip the bed and place all the bed linen in plastic bags and seal them and take to your laundry area (the bags will prevent bed bugs escaping and infesting other areas of your home.) Treat clothing in the same way. Launder everything on a high temperature setting and tumble dry once again use the high setting. Any items which cannot be laundered should be placed in the tumble dryer. You may have some items unsuitable for this too but perhaps you could steam clean these.

3. Vacuum the whole room and everything in it – mattress, soft furnishings, curtains, inside drawers and closets the list is endless. Make sure you get into any crack and crevices in walls and floors using the tools on your vacuum. It is essential that you empty and clean you vacuum cleaner thoroughly as soon as you have completed this task. Place the contents into a plastic bag, seal it and dispose of it. It would be sensible to do this in the room with the infestation to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

4. Using a steam cleaner methodically re-trace your steps. You will need a steam cleaner which produces

steam cleaner head Treatment Of Bed Bugs   In Six Simple Steps

Steam Cleaner Head

“dry” steam and which reaches temperature of at least 45° Celsius. Steam at this kind of temperature will kill bed bugs at all stages of development including eggs. Read My Step By Step Guide To Steam Treatment For Bed Bugs

If You’ve Got Bed Bugs We’ve Got The Treatment

5. Leave nothing unchecked, vacuumed or steam cleaned even the most obscure items picture frames, behind peeling wall paper, soft toys. Do be careful however, steam and electricity are a deadly combination so stay away from electrical switches and sockets even though bed bugs like to hide in them!

6. As an added “insurance policy” you may want to consider applying bed bug dust or a non toxic bed bug spray at this point which may kill any bugs missed during treatment. Tips For Treating Bed Bugs Naturally

It has to be said that this treatment for bed bugs is hard work and it may not succeed first time round, so you should be prepared for this. It may also be the case that if you have an infestation which is very large and widespread throughout your home your best option for treating the bed bugs may be bringing in professionals to do the job for you.


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7 thoughts on “Treatment Of Bed Bugs – In Six Simple Steps

  1. I don’t have a steam cleaner what else could I do? I have 3 kids that have gotten bit badly…

    • Hi Cassie,
      You could probably hire a steam cleaner if you don’t want to buy one. Failing that follow the other steps i.e. vacuuming, laundering etc. and the use crawling insect dust or a non toxic bed bug spray. Non of these are as effective as steam though.

  2. Do bedbugss form a line on your arm are they in a row?

    • Some people will say that bed bugs bite in a line of three representing “breakfast, lunch and dinner.” However there are others who disagree. Looking at the thousands of pictures of bed bug bites on the web the majority do look fairly random so I don’t think I would make any kind of assumption based on this.

    • I have bed bugs right now and they usually bite in rows of three. I think that its been different when ive been bit by more than one at once.

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