Can Bed Bugs Fly or even Jump?

Can Bed Bugs Fly?

Can bed bugs fly? This is a frequently asked question  with a very simple answer.  No, bed bugs cannot fly or indeed jump.

However, looking at a bed bug under a microscope it is apparent that these vampire pests did have wings at some point in their evolution. Whilst there is no longer any evidence of back wings there are small structures which look like tiny pads at the front. Can bed bugs fly 1 Can Bed Bugs Fly or even Jump?

So, if bed bugs cannot fly or jump how do they get around?

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Their only mode of transport is their six legs. These 4-5 mm long parasites can move as quickly as an ant. Experts recon that our blood sucking friends can travel at a rate of around 1 meter per minute!

Scurrying, to squeeze their flat, oval shaped bodies in the tiniest cracks and crevices during day light hours and then out and about to track down a blood meal in the hours of darkness. They do this through their ability to detect body heat and carbon dioxide which the victim breathes out. It has been known for these tiny vampires to climb up onto walls and ceilings before dropping down onto their victim to feed.

Bed bugs will frequently travel in around a 20 foot radius from their hiding place to find food.

Can Bed Bugs Fly? What if I said YES!!!

No, I have not taken leave of my senses, there are many occasions when bed bugs do take to the air or indeed travel on all manner of modes of transport. Bed bugs are of course notorious hitch hikers and will frequently travel to new locations in the  luggage, clothing etc. of unsuspecting travelers. Given the chance they will then disembark at the end of the journey and begin the whole breeding cycle once more creating yet another infestation.

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